Land Surveying

Importance of Land Surveying

On National Land Surveying Week – March 18 – 24, 2018 – we’ll highlight an important service in the commercial development industry; land surveying.  From ALTA to storm system mapping, land surveys provide essential details, allowing the developer to get an accurate picture of the property.

The targeted property, chosen by the developer because it matches the company’s growth strategy, might pass the eyeball test but have issues only a survey can detect.

“One of our clients, a national brand with locations spread across the United States, wanted a second opinion on a land survey prepared by another company,” says Brian Burchett, head of Commercial Site Design’s surveying department.  “We performed an ALTA; discovering the land was purchased separately and recombined.  The survey also discovered that part of the land was dedicated to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  We were able to uncover these crucial details and render portions of the site unusable; helping our client to make a sound business decision.”

The objective is to make sure the property can be developed as intended.  To do this, a detailed survey of the site is performed, providing information on natural and manmade features; trees, buildings, ponds, driveways, utility poles, steepness of slopes, boundary, encroachments, roads, etc.

With accurate information, project managers and the design team can address problem areas that might affect construction or the health of the future building.

“On a recent project in Tennessee, a restaurant client had an issue with a site they wanted to develop,” says Chris Clayton, project manager for Commercial Site Design.  By performing a SIR and ALTA we discovered the issue early in the development process.  The lot, which already contained a structure, appeared to have some subsidence issues.  A proper survey and due diligence allowed us to design a site that alleviated this issue.”

The importance of a current and detailed survey can’t be overstated.  It gives clients another tool to use when determining the viability of the proposed development.

Commercial Site Design is a full-service civil engineering and land surveying firm, offering ALTA, boundary, storm system mapping, ADA compliance, As-Built, civil plans, flood certification, construction staking, BMP certification, and topographic as part of the commercial development deliverables or as an a la carte service.

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