Rollout Engineering, Commercial Developments and Strategic Growth

Rollout engineering, a style of engineering often utilized when developing commercial properties, has become a staple for Commercial Site Design, a Raleigh-based civil engineering and land surveying firm that specializes in the development of small to mid-size commercial developments.  Looking to minimize development cost and maximize productivity for its clients, Commercial Site Design has put in place a corporate structure that is geared towards rollout developments.

Often a focus for commercial developments that utilize smaller lots – with some sites measuring less than 0.5 acres – the goal of a rollout client is to develop multiple stores at the same time and strategically grow that brand’s geographic footprint.

“With our clients – it isn’t unusual for them to have multiple projects in different states on the board at the same time – they’re looking for a quick turnaround and to develop sites with minimum cost, “ says Chris Clayton, project manager for Commercial Site Design with more than 20 years of site development experience.

In a 12-month span, one of Commercial Site Design’s rollout clients had more than 50 sites on the board, with only nine projects being developed. These potential sites were in more than 16 states.

“Working with these types of developments isn’t unique but the approach and requirements are,” says Brian Soltz, founding partner at Commercial Site Design.  “Most firms work on larger-scale projects where the term “rollout” engineering isn’t applicable.”

Commercial Site Design’s rollout portfolio includes commercial developments such as banks, quick-serve restaurants, coffee shops, doughnut shops, and fast-casual diners.

“To be successful, it’s important to stay on top of each site and provide timely advice so clients can make appropriate business decisions, says Chris Clayton.  “If it’s becoming too costly or taking too long, it might be beneficial for a client to pull the project and focus on a different location.”

Commercial Site Design’s style of engineering focuses on fast, efficient, thorough, and quality designs.

“Our clients want designs that meet requirements, want them quickly, and want them cost efficient,” says Brian Soltz.  “These small sites are challenging – a lot of details in a small footprint – but we’ve done it for so long, we know all the potential pitfalls; what certain development types need; and how to best service these types of clients.”

Commercial Site Design’s development experience includes partnering on more than 3,300 sites in more than 35 states.  The firm has provided rollout services to corporate offices, architects, franchisees, and developers.

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