Local Jurisdiction and Design Features

While most quick-serve restaurants, fast-casual diners, retail stores, and other commercial developments have standard designs, which are recognizable and often play a part in a brands’ marketing strategies, how these commercial developments look often varies based on location.

Because of local jurisdictions and design requirements, the parking lot, building and/or landscape features can differ compared to other locations.  Often unnoticed, these changes are required and need to be met before the commercial development can be built.

Below is one of our Raleigh project and examples of unique design features at that location.

For this site, the local jurisdiction required one landscaped interior island and one shade tree for every 10 parking spaces.

The local jurisdiction required that an outdoor amenity takes up 10 percent of the site.  To meet this requirement, a grass area was placed in front of the building, serving as an area for possible picnics and lawn games.

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