Drive-Thru Addition to Drug Store

Milestone: Drive-thru Addition to Kerr Drug

Across from Commercial Site Design’s office, in North Town Center Shopping Plaza in North Raleigh, sits one of the firm’s more important projects – a drive-thru addition to an existing Kerr Drug.

While this Kerr Drug site wasn’t overly challenging, it did serve as a building block for the firm.

This project aligned with the types of sites Commercial Site Design wanted to focus on – small and mid-size commercial developments – and served as an entry into the market.

“We worked hard to get this project,” said Brian Soltz, one of the founding partners at Commercial Site Design.  “Although not a large site, it enabled us to demonstrate our experience and ability to deliver.  This led to more projects, including Kerr Drug.  In the span of six years, we worked on more than 40 Kerr Drug sites.”

This site also represents Commercial Site Design’s first commercial development project and first drive-thru project, with design starting in 2002.

While Kerr Drug as a brand doesn’t exist anymore, the drive-thru is still functioning and provides Walgreen’s customers easy access to the pharmacy.

Site Plan

Site Photos