Casual-Dining Restaurant Near Carter-Finley Stadium

First Casual-Dining Project: Restaurant Near Carter-Finley Stadium

Located across from Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, N.C., Backyard Bistro – formerly Damon’s Grill – is one of the only restaurants near the stadium complex.  An iconic restaurant that’s been a Raleigh fixture and part of the tapestry for more than 15 years; this site represents Commercial Site Design’s first sit-down restaurant and a development types that’ll become one of the most requested by its clients.

“Our first casual-dining restaurant was a significant one,” says Brian Soltz, one of the founding partners at Commercial Site Design.  “It was a challenging design in a location that is special to a lot of our employees.  The City of Raleigh required we develop a site that complemented the arena.  The site had to fit contextually, which meant considering design features such as no large parking unless heavily buffered by trees, low profile freestanding signage, and masonry structure with a contemporary appearance.”

Not only did this restaurant face Raleigh’s strict development requirements, but the site was within 400’ of a residential zone, a public hearing was required.

The brand might have changed over the years, but the design has remained a constant; from the building to the landscape features.

Since this initial casual-dining project, Commercial Site Design has partnered with franchisees, corporate headquarters and architects to develop casual-dining restaurants in more than 25 states.

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