COVID-19 Response

On Friday, March 27th, NC Governor Roy Cooper put in place a stay-at-home executive order for non-essential employees.

Under the details of this executive order, our firm fits into the “commercial and residential construction professionals” and is seen as essential, but to keep our employees safe and to do our part combating this pandemic, we have taken additional steps and precautions.

Our employees are now 90 percent remote with a select few working from the office; social distancing practices are in place; and all meetings are conducted over the phone or virtually.

We know there is a lot of uncertainty as we work together to flatten the curve, but what remains constant is our dedication to our clients, their projects, and the safety of our staff and their families.

Our new operating process not only encourages social distancing but allows us to continue to provide the services and quality our clients are accustomed to and do it without much disruption to their businesses and developments.

We know business and projects will be put on hold – health and safety should be top priority – but we also know we’ll get through this together.

We want to wish our clients and other contacts health and prosperity during these difficult times.

Best Regards,

Brian Soltz