Cook Out and Commercial Site Design

The Expansion of Cook Out is one of the reasons for Commercial Site Design’s Growth

Throughout the Southeast, when you mention a Cook Out tray, people know you’re talking about an option at the quick-serve restaurant Cook Out and have an opinion on what is the best combination of one entrée, two sides and a milkshake.  As the restaurant’s popularity grew throughout the South, Cook Out expanded from a local, North Carolina-based restaurant to a regional symbol with sites located from West Virginia to Mississippi.  The geographic expansion of Cook Out is one of the reasons for the transformation of Commercial Site Design from a local firm to one of the leading civil engineering firms in the Southeast.

“Our relationship with Cook Out has lasted nearly as long as Commercial Site Design,” says Jon Kuczynski, one of the founding partners at Commercial Site Design.

Started in 2003 and re-established in 2008, Commercial Site Design’s partnership with Cook Out went through two phases.  The early phase led to the development of more than a dozen local Cook Out restaurants.

The second phase gave Commercial Site Design the majority of its Cook Out projects, helping strengthen Commercial Site Design’s brand in the South and developing a corporate storyline that features Cook Out at the center of many of the firm’s accomplishments, including Commercial Site Design’s 100th Cook Out project; located in Pooler, Ga.

“We’re proud to provide commercial development services to homegrown brands,” says Jon Kuczynski.  “Working with local, expanding brands allows us to provide guidance and share our expertise.”

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Utilizing Commercial Site Design’s prior experience with prefabricated/double drive-thru projects, a concept that would become a signature of Cook Out restaurants, the quick-serve restaurant began building double drive-thru locations in towns and cities outside of North Carolina.

“The relationship is mutually beneficial,” says Jon Kuczynski.  “In the early days, Cook Out was a local quick-serve restaurant with aspirations of growing its brand and we were looking for clients to help build our firm.  We helped Cook Out navigate the development process in difficult jurisdictions (including Pooler, Ga. where we had previously worked on a BB&T) and used this success and development experience to bolster our firm as a major player in the Southeast.”

Commercial Site Design has partnered with Cook Out on more than 130 projects, providing commercial development services to projects in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In Georgia, Commercial Site Design is responsible for 90 percent of the state’s locations, including milestone projects such as Cook Out’s first Georgia location and Commercial Site Design’s 100th Cook Out project.

Commercial Site Design’s growth is a representation of Cook Out’s success.  Commercial Site Design has worked on more than 3,000 sites, partnering with regional and national brands such as Cook Out, Krispy Kreme, BB&T, Chipotle, Taco Bell, KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Hooters.