Commercial Site Design's Year in Review for 2018

Year in Review for 2018

Commercial Site Design, a Raleigh-based civil engineering and land surveying firm specializing in multi-unit, rollout commercial developments, released its year in review.  The firm’s 2018 was marked with steady corporate growth and consistency among clients.

“Our goal in 2018 was to better serve our clients,” says Brian Soltz, one of the founding partners at Commercial Site Design.  “We know if we delivered what we promised and helped clients meet their development goals, this would lead to more business and new projects.”

Commercial Site Design continues to cultivate relationships with its clients; In 2018, more than 77 percent of the firm’s projects came from existing and past clients.   

Along with its core QSR clientele – brands that include Cook Out, Biscuitville, McDonald’s, and Krispy Kreme – Commercial Site Design increased its influence by adding new brands, clients and project types.

Commercial Site Design welcomed three new franchisees, two architects, development firm, and new Culver’s Restaurant (which is scheduled to open in 2019).

Commercial Site Design also expanded its commercial development portfolio by adding several hotel projects in North Carolina and South Carolina.

In 2018, Commercial Site Design provided commercial development services to projects in 17 states and worked on more than 210 sites.

Commercial Site Design’s success in 2018 was closely correlated with its clients and their corporate growth, which saw brands enter new markets, clients develop locations in the Midwest, and Southern brands expand their geographic footprints throughout the United States.

“We had a good year,” says Brian Soltz.  “Not only are we working with existing clients poised to have a big 2019 but have seen steady growth with new clients interested in our engineering and surveying services.” 

Commercial Site Design’s corporate strategy for 2019 will focus on nurturing relationships with existing clients and increasing its brand awareness among developers, architects and franchisees.