Commercial Site Design knows Georgia Engineering

Commercial Site Design Knows Georgia: From Brands Expanding to Rollout Engineering

Within two years of establishing Commercial Site Design, a Raleigh, N.C.-based civil engineering and land surveying firm specializing in multi-unit, rollout commercial developments, the firm added Georgia to its regions of expertise when it guided a North Carolina-based bank through the development process in Woodstock, Ga.

“We saw steady growth in the first couple years,” says Brian Soltz, one of the founding partners at Commercial Site Design.  “With the addition of our Woodstock, Ga. bank project and a few other clients, we made a strong push into new Southern markets, including Georgia.”

Georgia would become one of the most sought-after states among Commercial Site Design’s clients, with the number of sites in Georgia only trailing North Carolina, which saw more than 1,800 sites.

Commercial Site Design’s impact on Georgia includes developing quick-serve restaurants, fast-casual diners, casual diners, retail stores, and c-stores throughout the state, from the coast to the Alabama border; developing sites in popular towns such as Augusta, Marietta, Savannah, Statesboro , Athens, Atlanta, and Alpharetta.

Georgia would become the focal point as one of Commercial Site Design’s national brands began “rolling out” sites throughout the Southeast.  Partnering with a North Carolina-based bank, Commercial Site Design guided the development of more than 125 sites, including more than 35 sites in Georgia.

Commercial Site Design would also guide a North Carolina-based burger restaurant through its Southeast expansion, with Pooler, Ga. representing the brand’s first location outside of North Carolina and Commercial Site Design’s 100th project for this regional brand as of 2013.

Commercial Site Design has developed more than 90 percent of this brand’s Georgia sites, with locations in more than 25 cities.

Georgia will continue to be a high priority for Commercial Site Design and its clients.

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