Commercial Site Design Celebrates 15 Years in Business

On September 15, 2017, Commercial Site Design celebrates 15 years of excellence in the engineering industry.  Commercial Site Design, a Raleigh-based civil engineering firm specializing in multi-unit, rollout commercial developments, has grown to become one of the most trusted engineers in the Southeast.  

In 2002, Jon Kuczynski, Brian Soltz and Brian Burchett founded Commercial Site Design on the idea that franchisees, developers and corporations were looking for an experienced firm that knew the requirements and details needed for developing small commercial sites.

“We saw a need in the industry,” says Brian Soltz, founding partner.  “We knew if we focused on a specific development type, delivered products that exceeded expectations, and did it in a timely manner, we would be successful.”

The partners’ vision materialized when they designed a drive-thru addition to a Kerr Drug in Raleigh, N.C.  Since this initial project, Commercial Site Design has evolved into a bicoastal firm, working with national and regional brands like McDonald’s, Cook Out, Biscuitville, Krispy Kreme, Hardee’s and Wendy’s.

Over its 15 years, Commercial Site Design has celebrated many accomplishments and milestones:

  • Engineer on the first green, LEED-certified McDonald’s in North Carolina 
  • Engineer on 90 percent of Cook Outs in Georgia
  • One of the leading engineers for McDonald’s in the Southeast
  • Rollout Engineer for BB&T’s Southeast Expansion
  • Engineer on more than 85 Krispy Kreme locations, including its 1,000th location
  • Engineer on Bojangles’ 500th location

“We are proud of how Commercial Site Design has grown,” says Brian Soltz.  “We couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of our employees and the relationships built with our clients.  We are excited for the next 15 years and will focus on improving our clients’ experiences.”

To date, Commercial Site Design has provided engineering services to more than 200 clients, with more than 90 percent of its work coming from repeat business. The firm has worked on more than 2,500 sites throughout the United States.

To keep up with the demands of its clients, Commercial Site Design continues to evolve and grow professionally.  Currently, the firm is registered as a civil engineer in 44 states and land surveyor in seven states.