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  • Design Features and Local Jurisdictions

    Local Jurisdiction and Design Features

    While most quick-serve restaurants, fast-casual diners, retail stores, and other commercial developments have standard designs, which are recognizable and often play a part in a brands’ marketing strategies, how these commercial developments look often varies based on location. To see design features on our Popeyes project in Raleigh, click the button. Click here

  • Fast Food (Quick-Serve Restaurant) Case Study

    QSR Redevelopment Case Study

    Site Plan with Areas to be Removed/Replaced Case Study National Redevelopment Program With a commitment of $214 million to modernize more than 400 McDonald’s locations in North Carolina, Commercial Site Design partnered with the fast food giant to redevelop one of its Raleigh locations. With a corporate goal of transforming the customer experience “inside and…

  • Importance of SIR

    A Brief Guide to SIR and Its Importance

    The site investigation report, often referred to as SIR, is one of the more important steps in the commercial development process.  It offers a glimpse into the property, allowing the developer to decide if it’s the correct location for the project. WHAT’S A SITE INVESTIGATION REPORT: Site investigation is the process of collecting information on…

  • ADA Design and Parking Renovation

    Renovation of a Parking Lot and ADA

    For most retail businesses, the parking lot is one of the most important features and serves as a starting point for customers.  Having a freshly paved and painted parking lot can enhance the perception of any business, but this upgrade can cause issues with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design. If you are planning to…

  • South Carolina Development Experience

    South Carolina Experience

    Located within two hours of our corporate office in Raleigh-N.C., South Carolina has always had a significant importance for us and our clients. Because of our clients’ proximity and desire to grow their business, South Carolina has become one of our most sought-after locations. Each year, the Palmetto State sees millions of cars traveling its…

  • ADA Design Fast Food (Quick-Serve Restaurant)

    ADA, Quick-Serve Restaurant and a Better Brand

    In an industry that recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction and comfort, the passing of Americans with Disabilities Act was seen by owners and operators as an opportunity to enhance dining experiences for all customers. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law in 1990 and updated in 2010, improved commercial development standards and…