Cary’s First Green McDonald’s Celebrates Eight Years

Eleven years ago, Commercial Site Design, a Raleigh-based civil engineering firm specializing in multi-unit, rollout commercial developments, began working with Ric Richards, owner of the Richards Advantage, on the first green, LEED-certified McDonald’s in Cary, N.C. Today, the Kildaire Farm Road location celebrates eight years in business and is one of two green McDonald’s restaurants operated by the Richards Advantage.

To meet requirements established by U.S. Green Building Council, Commercial Site Design guided the .96-acre lot – a former McDonald’s site – through the redevelopment process, incorporating LEED-specific design features.

To achieve LEED certification, project managers and engineers took into consideration access to alternative transportation, heat island effect, light pollution and water efficient landscaping.

Four years later, Cary, N.C. would get its second LEED-certified McDonald’s.

Solar Charging Station at Walnut Street McDonald’s

Coming off the success of his first green McDonald’s, Ric Richards decided to utilize the same civil engineer, Commercial Site Design; relying on the firm’s understanding of project type and experience developing green sites.

Located on Walnut Street, this McDonald’s features charging stations, solar power canopy, and a building that uses 99 percent of the old restaurant, earning it a gold certification, one of the highest honors in the LEED community.

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