Taco Bell Fast Food (Quick-Serve Restaurant) 1,000th milestone

Milestone: 1,000th project; Taco Bell

Situated in the Sandhills of North Carolina, is an eight-year-old Taco Bell that symbolizes a significant accomplishment and defining moment for Commercial Site Design.  Reaching 1,000 projects is special, and for Commercial Site Design, this project came in the shadows of an economic crisis.

“In 2008, the recession caused a significant downturn in the commercial development industry; especially our market segment – quick-serve restaurants.” said Jon Kuczynski, founding partner of Commercial Site Design.  “The number of projects coming through the door decreased considerable.  Like most civil engineering firms, we were forced to make cutbacks in our workforce and all areas of operation.”

Luckily, Commercial Site Design had well-established relationships with many QSR clients, including Luihn Food Systems, a multi-unit, YUM Brands! franchisee that opened its first location in 1966.

Located in Aberdeen, N.C., Luihn’s Taco Bell would occupy a portion of Center Park Shopping Center’s parking lot.  The redevelopment required full civil plans including significant landscape improvements, stormwater management plan, ADA plan, and other additional details and reports required by the city and state.

The project proceeded on schedule, giving Commercial Site Design its 1,000th project and momentum at the end of the recession

Commercial Site Design’s success and longevity can be attributed to the firm making changes in the early years; instituting a practice to make the design process more efficient, saving clients’ money and time.

“When we first started, making it to our 1,000th project was not something we thought about,” said Jon Kuczynski.  “We were focusing on establishing a system and client base that would carry us through the tough times.”

To date, 85 percent of the firm’s projects come from repeat business, including Luihn Food Systems, which has been working with Commercial Site Design for more than nine years.